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Our Land

Varzi, a town in the province of Pavia, located in the heart of the Upper Staffora Valley at 416 meters above sea level, lies on the right bank of the Staffora river that gives its name to the valley. All around stand the first rugged Apennine Pavese mountains, which contrast with the sweetness of the green landscape.  


Towers, castles, porches and old buildings bear witness to the glorious past of these places.


The climate is mostly continental, winters are pretty hard, but sometimes enlivened by abundant snowfall. The relative altitude mitigates the heat of summer and guarantees a pleasant coolness, especially during the evenings and the summer nights.


Facing towards the Ligurian coast and not far from it, the valley has always been reached by ocean currents, which have helped to make the climate of the Upper Staffora Valley unique and optimal for aging salami.


The reference area for the production of Salame di Varzi DOP comprises 15 municipalities of the Mountain Community dell'Oltrepo Pavese: Bagnaria, Brallo of Pregola, Cecima, Fortunago, Godiasco, Menconico, Montesegale, Nice Bridge, Rocca Susella, Romagnese, Santa Margherita Staffora , Val di Nizza, Valverde, Varzi and Zavattarello.


Where to find us

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